Founded with Art and Innovation

Long before the move to Burleigh Heads Queensland, Australia, Courtney Potter always had his mind set to design a top of the line surfboard fin that would rip through waves with MORE SPEED and MORE DRIVE.

As a dedicated surfer, an artist and a former toy designer, he was able to think from multiple perspectives, reflect on his experiences in the past with surfboard fins to come up with new fin design. As a result, with many late nights and early starts in his shed in Western Australia, he was able to discover the 3DFINS.

Dimple Technology™, where it is now recognized as the revolutionized surfboard fin company internationally. Courtney knew his dimple technology discovery had potential, so decided to station himself to start his business in Burleigh Heads, one of Australia’s surfing capital, where he currently continues to evolve and shape his brand.

Don't let your fins hold you back

Featuring Dimple Technology™

Dimple Technology™ was different people understood the concept and gave it a go, leading to 3DFINS amazing entry into the Fin world.

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The Dimple Technology™ invention is derived from the golf ball dimple. The dimpled surface both share the same physics behind how air and water flow. Based on hydrodynamics, the dimple surface reduces drag and it improves lift. Now, this concept is all accurate with golf ball physics and is logical in the sport of golf. However, Courtney successfully proved that incorporating that science to his fin design allowed surfers to ride with better control, and with more speed and more drive. Genius!

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