Made To Rip Not Cut


Surfboards are amazing objects of design that blend the emotional need to ride a wave with the rationality behind hydrodynamics. However, they can also be dangerous weapons that hit the most sensitive parts of the body causing lethal and irreversible damages to the human body.

Forty percent of all surfboard-related injuries are caused by surf fins. When a surfer hits a fin, the result will be lacerations and more or less severe cuts to the head, face, and wetsuit-protected regions.

That's why we design and create a much safe surf fin in the industry - our original GOHARD/SOFT™ Series. 

The GOHARD/SOFT™ Series fins have soft edging and skin, and are designed to keep you and others safe when surfing on crowded beaches, as a safer option for sports at all levels of performance. 

The Fins are wrapped by thermoplastic vulcanizates which are high-performance elastomers and offering manufacturing flexibility, ease of processing and durability.

Without these sharp edges, a surfboard fin would lose almost all of its speed and drive. However, with our special Dimple Technology™, the safe fins will not effect the performance in any way. 

By using these GOHARD/SOFT™ Series fins, you'll surf with more confidence in the water allowing you to increase your performance. Stay safe and stay stoked!

The Series Wins Good Design Award Winner Accolade in Australia’s International Good Design Awards 2020!