Ambassador of Innovation

Christian Fletcher

Christian Fletcher is one of the most innovative surfers known to the sport. The God father of Aerial Surfing with Air Style and precision still to this day hasn't been matched.

Anytime Christian Fletcher shows up, an ordinary day suddenly ends."

Christian Fletcher was born (1970) in Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii, the son of Longboard surf impresario, artist, inventor and cultural leader Herbie Fletcher. His Mother Didbi Fletcher has also had a huge impact on surf culture, artist Writer and curator of many of the Fletcher productions, accomplished artist all while running the original deck grip company Astro deck. Christian is the grandson of big-wave pioneer Walter Hoffman, and nephew of two-time world champion Joyce Hoffman. Christian’s son Greyson Fletcher continues the air mastery but, on a skateboard and is currently known as one of the best there is. So you could say, and many have, that the Fletcher family are Surfing Royalty.

Christian is a 3DFINS sponsored rider and we are super stoked to have a legend of the sport support our innovative brand!