Soft and Safe

Surfboards are amazing objects of design that blend the emotional need to ride a wave with the rationality behind hydrodynamics. However, they can also be dangerous weapons that hit the most sensitive parts of the body causing lethal and irreversible damage.

40% of all surfboard-related injuries are caused by surf fins. 

That's why we designed and created a much safer surf fin in the industry! Our original GOHARD/SOFT Series. 

The GOHARD/SOFT Series fins have soft edging and skin and are designed to keep you and others safe when surfing.

3DFINS are wrapped by thermoplastic vulcanizates which are high-performance elastomers and offering manufacturing flexibility, ease of processing and durability. Without sharp edges a surfboard fin would lose almost all of its speed and drive. However, with our patented Dimple Technology™, performance is not compromised.  

The GOHARD/SOFT series is the Good Design Australian Award Winner 2020.